The US Open Championship Winners
United States Golf Association
The young English player, Horace Rawlins, was the first winner of the US Open over a nine hole course at Newport, Rhode Island, in 1895.........
Winners and runner-ups US.

Year Venue Winner Runner (s) -up Margin Score
1895 Newport Horace Rawlinns Willi Domn 2 173
1896 Shinnecock James Foulis Horace Rowlins 3 152
1897 Chicago Joe Lloyd Willie Anderson 1 162

72 holes competishions

1898 Myopia Hunt Fred Herd Alex Smith 7 328
1899 Baltimor Willie Smith George Low,Val 11 315
Fitzjohn, W.H.Way
1900 Chicago Harry Vardon (GB) John H. Taylor (GB) 2 313
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